Sunday, June 8, 2008

Feng Shui-- It's Not Dead Yet!

No sir! Feng shui is still around and kickin’! However, the power of the feng shui has now been limited to architecture and at-home beliefs. So no, it does not have its once glorious foothold in Chinese politics, but it is far from gone. There is actually a tower in downtown Shanghai that is named the “Feng Shui Tower” because it was designed and placed according to the qi. I was unable to get a picture of it because we had already past the building when the guide pointed it out. I asked the girls from my home stay about it, and they laughed at me. They felt that it was more closely followed by the parents’ generation. That may be so, but you can still buy the “compasses” that will show you locations that have a good qi. I believe that Cecil bought one on one of his many escapades. I, for one, thought that many of the buildings around the Oriental Pearl Tower were awesomely modern and edgy, but it turns out that most of those state-of-the-art buildings were designed with feng shui, a set of beliefs that is centuries old, in mind.

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