Sunday, June 8, 2008

Craw Fishing in China

I know Mark already wrote about something similar to this, but the day that we spent at the farmer's house was special to me too.
When we got the chance to go Craw fishing I originally didn't jump on the chance because I was playing with the "rabbit" (also known as a guinea pig). Eventually I got tired of worrying about whether it was going to pee on me or not, so I grabbed a fishing pole and gave up Mr. Rabbit to Megan. I ended up sitting next to Amy and Jillian and Cecil and fishing along with them with my trusty frog leg. At first I didn't catch anything, but eventually I started feeling some nibbles. I caught a couple of smaller craw fish, but I was determined to catch a nice big one.
Jillian, who I am sure remembers, was fighting with a determination to catch the Moby Dick of craw fish, though Amy, Cecil, and I had actually seen it. "Did anybody see that lobster?" Rings a bell in the whole ordeal. But while she was fighting with the large craw fish, I sat patiently waiting for another nibble among the reeds and leaves floating on the top of the water when I felt a hard tug on that trust frog leg.
When I managed to pull up the line I had this huge craw fish clinging to the leg and chewing on it. We quickly grabbed the bucket we'd been throwing them in and knocked him off to line to sit around with the thirty or so other craw fish we'd collectively caught. I showed Dr. Zhang and he congratulated me on my spectacular catch, saying I caught the King of Craw Fish, but it wasn't to be stolen from a determined Jillian who was hell bent on catching her White Whale. I'm sorry she never did. But I know he's in that water, laughing that he managed to elude a human with a frog leg tied to her fishing pole.

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