Sunday, June 8, 2008

Country Living

Although visiting famous places like the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, and Heaven on Earth (aka Hangzhou) were unforgettable, I really enjoyed our visit to the countryside. After all the walking around we had been doing, it was extremely relaxing to fish by the river (and let me make it clear that I won the fishing contest until Mario picked up 3 polls), and to lay in the hammocks under the trees. I'll admit that I was a bit disappointed when I learned the only thing we could catch was crawfish; however, after catching about seven in twenty minutes, I felt like the crawfish catching king and loved every minute of it. I also think Chairman Yao will agree with me when I say that I could have layed in those hammocks and taken in the scenery all day long. Although the countryside lacks many modern amenities, there is something to be said about the peacefulness of their lives. To end this visit, we enjoyed yet another delicious Chinese meal. I loved almost every dish they brought out, and was amazed when I saw that they created all of that food in such a modest kitchen. Overall, I think our visit to the countryside was a perfect, relaxing end to our stay in Shanghai.

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