Saturday, June 7, 2008

Family For a Day

We learned so many amazing things in China but my overall favorite experience was the day  I spent with the Chinese college students. Everyone in our Rollins group split up and went off by themselves to spend the afternoon with a student who was an English major.  I think most of us were a bit hesitant at first but it ended up being the most enjoyable time of my trip. My new friends took me to Nanjing Road and then to one of their homes for a fabulous feast! Their father had cooked all the food and it was by far the best meal I had in China. I learned to make spring rolls and play Mahjong among many other things. Elaine's father did not speak a word of English but we were communicating perfectly. He was such a fabulous chef and host and I was delighted to be in his home. I have the contact information of my new friends in China. They even gave me my very own Mahjong set! Walking through the small streets of Shanghai on that rainy night with my new friends is something I will never forget. I was able to experience family life in Shanghai, China...Wow!

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