Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What I tell my friends

My friends want to know how CHINA was.
It was rough. The trip was tough, the food gave me the willies (quite honestly), and I walked around dehydrated because I didn't want to use the restrooms, but besides that CHINA was cool, a very interesting place.

I began the traveling rather fatigued, so the long flight delay and subsequent 13 hours in the flying tube was just plain long. Train travel was fun, I really enjoyed that AND the majong. The train was so much better than traveling the very long distances by bus.

The food got harder and harder to take. I'm not asking for a pity party, no, no, no. I take responsibility for my hangups. At first I was mostly fine with eating, but as things progressed the issue of water quality and hygiene bothered me more. Being that everything is washed in water not suitable for drinking is one strike. Okay, so everything has to be cooked. The next biggie was hygiene and the restroom situation. Restroom cleanliness was substandard and sometimes just gross. But do they think it is gross or normal? if it is normal how do they reguard personal hygiene? How would I reguard their personal hygiene? and, how does that translate to my food? Cooked or not cooked, ...does it really matter what the matter may be? Howard Hughes wouldn't have been able to do it.

The restroom situation was soooo bad! If it wasn't for the retreat of our very nice hotel accomodations I think I could have just died. One restroom could have seared my corneas and respritory tract with its noxious fumes, another expected us to squat while in the company of a fellow squater. Sorry! No can do!

After the Hutong, I increasingly became dehydrated. Then it became a strategy. To keep myself from potty trama, I simply had to limit the H2O, it was that bad.

Besides that China was vast and interesting. I have 1200 pictures I would gladly tell you all about, many times.

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